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It's Open Season! Here is Why and How YOU Should Participate at CrossFit Mission Gorge!

The Open is five beautiful weeks of opportunity... It's the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It's an opportunity to learn, to grow as an athlete and as a person.  The Open is an opportunity to participate in something BIG... and big events create big moments…we can't wait to see where you will go!

What is the Open?

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games season begins with the online Open. Anyone can sign up to compete in five workouts over five weeks and post their scores online. Last year, the Open reached more than 209,000 athletes from around the world.  The Open gives you the opportunity to see where you rank in the world, the US, the Southern California Region and at CrossFit Mission Gorge as an athlete.

How does the Open work?

You will have 4 days to complete a workout created by CF HQ, which will be released on the evening of Thursday, February 26th and every Thursday afterwards for each of the five weeks. That evening, tune into the live Open announcement show streamed to Games.CrossFit.com. Director of the Games Dave Castro will announce Open Workout 15.1, and moments later, top Games athletes will complete that workout going head to head.

Athletes will submit their scores throughout the weekend. The hard deadline for score submissions is 5 p.m. PT on the Monday following the release of each workout.

Will the CrossFit Open cost me anything?

If you want to be eligible for regionals or the CrossFit Mission Gorge Competition Team, you must pay $20 to register online for the Open.

When will I have an opportunity to perform the Open WODs?

CrossFit Mission Gorge will create a competition atmosphere every Friday night of the Open for our “Friday Night Lights.” If you are NOT satisfied with the score you earn on Friday Night, you will have an opportunity to redo the WOD at CrossFit Mission Gorge on Sunday during Open gym. If you cannot make it either of those times, please contact a trainer and let them know your situation.

What is "Friday Night Lights" at CrossFit Mission Gorge?

All of CrossFit Mission Gorge is encouraged to come out to compete and/or cheer on the athletes that that are participating in the Open workouts. Everyone will have an opportunity to perform the workout, validate athletes, cheer on friends, and create the most encouraging and energetic competition atmosphere possible!

Can I still perform the Open WOD even if I do not sign up for the Open?

If you cannot make it on Friday evenings or to Open Gym, please contact a trainer to schedule a time to perform the workout and be validated by a judge.

Why should I sign up for the Open?

CrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.  We reflect this in our programming every day at CrossFit Mission Gorge, testing a different part of your functional strength and conditioning and not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that is capable of practically anything and everything. We challenge you to take that body for a test run and see what is possible during the Open!


-     CrossFit Mission Gorge Friday Night Lights will begin at 4 pm, and athletes competing will need to be warmed up and ready to go by the time the first heats kicks off at 4:30pm. You are on your own for the warm up, but feel free to ask a trainer for suggestions, if needed. Depending on the Open workout length for each week, we may vary the number of heats we will run.

-     Each open competitor will need a judge, score validation, and if you are regional or team-bound, you must video every workout.  CrossFit Mission Gorge will need judges and volunteers to assist in "Friday Night Lights."  Please sign up and complete the Online Judging Course if you are interested. If you have passed your online course, please let Betsy or Ian know. We encourage all CrossFit Mission Gorge athletes who are participating in the Open to take the Online course. The test will also help you with seeing movement, as well as understanding your own movement during CrossFit WODs.

-     For the kickoff and final "Friday Night Lights" Open workout, we will have a formal Paleo Potluck and grill out.  Following the other evenings, we will keep the lights on to allow for hang out time.  Feel free to stay and socialize with your fellow CrossFitters to reflect on your workout, check the leaderboards, and chat with others.

-     If, after reading all of this, you have the urge to participate with the other 200,000 crossfitters worldwide with the most fun you'll have for the next 5 weeks, then sign up now! Click here and choose CrossFit Mission Gorge as your affiliate.


Stupid Easy Paleo is coming to CrossFit Mission Gorge!

We are thrilled to welcome our friend and nutritionist/blogger/author/athlete, Steph Gaudreau, to CrossFit Mission Gorge to host her Stupid Easy Paleo Nutrition Seminar.


In this two-hour seminar, Steph Gaudreau—creator of Stupid Easy Paleo, certified holistic nutritionist, and author of The Paleo Athlete and the upcoming book The Performance Paleo Cookbook—explains the benefits of a Paleo / real food approach to nutrition. She'll explain how eating the right foods helps decrease inflammation, assist in weight management, and boost athletic performance. Steph gives the science behind Paleo / real food in an approachable, easy-to-understand, actionable way. You'll walk away with a clear sense of why and how to implement better nutrition in your daily life.


Saturday, November 15th, 2014 from 10:30am-12:30pm


The cost is $25 per person.  This seminar is open to both members and non-members of CrossFit Mission Gorge.  Please pay for your spot in class via MindBody Online or at the front desk at CFMG.



About Steph:

Steph Gaudreau | stupideasypaleo.com

Steph Gaudreau combines twelve years of science teaching experience, holistic nutrition training, and an unabashed love of tasty Paleo food on her blog, Stupid Easy Paleo. Steph went Paleo in 2010, and it didn’t take long for her to decide that she was never turning back. Eating clean, nutrient-dense foods has fueled her both in life and as a competitive athlete. Steph’s mission is to spread the word about how to make simple, tasty recipes to help people in their quests to just eat real food. She authored “The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance” in 2014, and her new book, “The Performance Paleo Cookbook” (Page Street Publishing) releases January 6, 2015.

Steph’s Books:

The Performance Paleo Cookbook, available for pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (print book releases Jan 6, 2015)

The Performance Paleo Cookbook | stupideasypaleo.com

The Paleo Athlete (ebook on PDFKindle and iBooks)

The Paleo Athlete | stupideasypaleo.com

Recent Press:

September 11, 2014. Steph appeared on episode 62 of the Girls Gone WOD podcast.

September 3, 2014. Steph’s article “5 High-Protein Paleo Egg Breakfasts” is published on Livestrong.com.

August 27, 2014. Pioneer Valley CrossFit hosts Steph for a Paleo Nutrition Seminar.

August 8, 2014. Steph presents “Specific Requirements & Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women” with Stacy Toth at the Ancestral Health Symposium.

July 15, 2014. Steph appears on 180 Radio talking about athletes & carbs with Matt Stone.

July, 2014. Steph appears on Fearless Rebelle Radio with Summer Innanen.

June 28, 2014. CrossFit Fortius hosts Steph for a Paleo Nutrition Seminar.

June 8, 2014. Steph’s recipe for Paleo Zucchini Fritters was featured on BuzzFeed.

June 6, 2014. Stupid Easy Paleo was featured in FOX News Magazine.

May 30, 2014. Steph appears on episode 93 of The Paleo View podcast.

May 20, 2014. Elle.com interviews Steph about Paleo and Instagram.

We’ve all heard the story: “Discovering CrossFit changed my life…it made me stronger/faster/better, in all realms of life, as a better spouse, parent, friend, co-worker”…the list can go on and on.  If you are reading this, you have perhaps experienced this in a personal and profound way.

One of the many joys I experience on a daily basis as a CrossFit coach and manager of CrossFit Mission Gorge is seeing this transformation.  For many of you, I vividly remember your very first day, whether it was a quick tour; a half hour of questions, which I patiently answered; or you jumping right into a WOD.  There is no other way to explain the feelings of joy that overwhelm me as I watch that spark of pride and accomplishment grow from within an athlete when things suddenly start to make sense, whether it is a movement they’ve been struggling with for months, a gain in strength, a mental breakthrough, a technical cue that suddenly makes sense, or an athlete who completes his/her first Whole 30.

Trust me, as your coach, I remember it all.  As you have discovered, we are more than just a gym where you work up a sweat for an hour.  We become part of your lives.  Your CrossFit Coaches strive to make your time in the gym the best part of your day.  We want to know about your kids, your dog, your spouse, or that amazing vacation you just took.  We jump in to help you when you become sick or injured, driving you to the grocery store because your medication doesn’t allow you to drive.  We celebrate your graduations, engagements (many partnerships were found through this very gym), attend your weddings and baby showers, make meals for you when you have your baby, and attend your children’s birthday parties.  We baby-sit, dog-sit, and invite you into to our homes for barbeques.  We text you when we haven’t seen you in a while, give you a hug when it looks like you could use one, and review the kipping pull-up with you in the ten minutes before we coach the next class (even if it means we will miss out on our opportunity to eat dinner).   We spend hours poring over research articles and journals to make us better coaches, and weekends away from home at seminars to increase our coaching knowledge—the list goes on and on (and yes, I have personally done ALL of these things and more).  We do it because we are passionate about what we do, recognizing the impact we have on others, and lastly, we want to connect with our members on a personal level.

Everyone progresses at a different rate, but over time, our “beginners” transition into seasoned athletes, becoming more confident, both inside the gym and out.  Someone who had never thought of himself as an “athlete” is suddenly contemplating purchasing his first pair of lifting shoes, or toys with the idea of entering her first competition.  The gym is now considered a second home, and athletes use each other as motivation to do better, racing each other during WODs and setting PRs together, in that way that only CrossFit can breed “friendly” competition.

This change and growth is extremely satisfying to me as a coach, as I witness the same transformation and empowerment that I underwent when I first found CrossFit, over and over again through my athletes.  One of the most fascinating things I begin to notice with this newfound empowerment is what an athlete chooses to do with it.

Some athletes want to become L1 Trainers, themselves, and they actively seek out knowledge and practice from their coaching staff.  I’m proud to mention that the CFMG athletes who attend the CrossFit L1 Trainer Course have a 100% passing rate on the L1 examination, which displays the level of professionalism and talent in our coaching staff, as well as the dedication and application of our athletes.  Other athletes take this a step further and branch out to open their own affiliate.  I am delighted to note that, off the top of my head, CFMG has supported and encouraged 8 of our own athletes, who branched out and launched extremely successful affiliates, all of which we have wonderful working professional relationships.  This is one of the reasons we are known throughout the community and frequently recommended by other boxes (and us, in return).  Every year, Coach Ian and I pour our blood, sweat, tears, and general lives for 4 months of planning into a CFMG-hosted competition called the Left Coast Invitational.   In addition to our work managing a gym, we recognize the importance of building our gym up in creating a community event that our athletes are excited to be a part of, and our brother and sister gyms seek out because of our mutual respect and support of each other.

CrossFit Mission Gorge chooses to embrace this empowerment of its athletes, in all capacities.  We are proud of and encouraged by the steady stream of athletes, coaches, and affiliates that are consistently developed within our walls.  All of our coaches have the experience of being “newbies” to CFMG, as we have exclusively hired “within” our gym through time spent getting to know them as an athlete and person.  We offer our coaches the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and expertise through a coaches enrichment program that we developed, and allow opportunities for our coaches to continue their education by attending seminars and certifications, at our expense. We created an internship program, because we recognize that we have a wealth of potential coaches within our gym, and although we cannot possibly hire them all (believe me, we want to!), we want to develop them further and allow more opportunities for them both inside and outside of our gym, at no cost.  We strive for excellence, and recognize that when we encourage and foster this in our coaches and athletes, from the top, down, the “trickle effect” benefits everyone.

This empowerment is a catalyst for change, within oneself, but more importantly, with what you choose to do with it outside of yourself.  We offer you the tools to get better, stronger, and faster, coupled with the resources to take it as far as you want it to go--it’s up to you to continue that momentum.

It is up to the athlete to channel that empowerment and choose to GIVE BACK what they received.  Whether towards the athletes in your class, to the gym as a whole, or choosing to empower others, this channeling can only create a situation where everyone benefits.

You know that welcoming, warm, inviting, encouraging community you walked into when you first started CrossFit? It’s still there, and up to YOU to continue and show the “new” CrossFitters how we do things.

This means, introduce yourself to people you don’t know.  If you see someone walking around, looking a little lost (like we all did at one point), show him or her the way.  Cheer people on during a WOD, especially the ones who are still working after you’ve finished.  Spread that encouragement and love wherever you go, celebrating PRs and having fun (it’s just working out, after all).

To those of you who want a little “more,” in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Do you want to compete? Seek out other athletes who you know will push you and train with them, or better yet, suggest to your coach that you want to take a team to Regionals and you can bet that your coach will happily work on a plan with you to make it happen.  Do you have a unique skill/talent/education that finds you increasingly offering feedback and advice to other athletes? Offer that back to your box through a clinic or class.  Do you have an idea to start a Charter School with CrossFit written into the guiding principles? We’ll support you and give you your first significant donation towards starting up! Did you see an amazing piece of equipment at a box you were visiting and want to bring to your box? Suggest it! Do you think the entire gym should all go out on a group hike or utilize a Groupon for Stand Up Paddle boarding? Rally up a community FB post and ask, “Who’s in?” Do you notice people putting equipment away while someone is trying to finish their workout? Immediately walk over to the athlete and loudly cheer them on, encouraging others to join you.  Do you notice a new athlete hanging around after a WOD as you and a few other “regulars” head out for your regular Tuesday burgers and brew night? Invite them to join you! There are so many ways, on so many levels, that you can choose love and positivity and give a little (or a lot) of yourself back to your gym, and make it as wonderful as it was when you first walked through that door.

Above all, remember that your box invested in you, as a person and athlete, from the second you walked in our door.  Our work is our passion, and we care deeply about our athletes. If you have a suggestion on how to make CFMG more awesome, speak up! If you want to continue your education and become a trainer, we’ll back you up 100%! Through empowerment comes growth, and it’s up to you to continue to grow and invest back in your gym to enrich the experience for all.

As one of the first affiliates in the area, we are proud to be sneaking up to our 5-year anniversary.  We have set goals in place for where we want to take our gym for the next 5, 10, 15 years and beyond.  In owning a business, change and risk go hand-in-hand, but we recognize the potential for growth, and the value in “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable,” so we welcome it.  We have so much more to offer you, and we recognize those members who have stood with us through 5 years, as well as the ones who just started out with us, have so much more potential, as well.  Are you ready? Come with us!

By: Coach Betsy

It’s been 4 months into 2014, and we want to give you all an update on what has been going on behind the scenes at CrossFit Mission Gorge, and what better platform to do this than our new blog page?

We are constantly working hard behind the scenes in an effort to make CrossFit Mission Gorge the best training facility possible, and we have started to focus our efforts specifically on developing our coaching staff, introducing new equipment, and broadening our reach to the San Diego community.  We are excited to announce some new developments we have in the works for the next few months.

We are in the beginning stages of re-vamping the CrossFit Mission Gorge and LCI websites.  We have linked up with an exciting new media company, and have been meeting and planning for a completely new look and function through our websites.  We plan on integrating features to better serve our current members, as well as encourage and simplify the process for beginning athletes who are new to our gym on the CrossFit Mission Gorge website.  We also plan on streamlining the registration process on our Left Coast Invitational website, as well as creating a whole new look and feel, including an athlete database and the ability to create athlete profiles.  Be sure to stay tuned for these changes, due mid-June.

We have also been working on adding more products to our retail area in the front lobby, in an effort to bring you quality CrossFit related items directly into our gym. Over the next few weeks, you may see the lobby area change a bit in order to allow us to carry more products. We currently carry CFMG t-shirts (more inventory coming soon), CFMG Atlas Power Wraps, Stronger Faster Healthier protein and omega 3 oil, rolls of tape, Vita CoCo, water, FitAID, and Fuel for Fire packs. We are also a drop-off location for Pete’s pre-made Paleo, J&J Grassfed Beef, and Suzie’s Farm CSA boxes. Soon, we will be carrying Perfect Bars (A.K.A. Perfect Food Bars), as well. These are all companies we have aligned ourselves with, because we actually use their products and want to offer them to you. We would like to offer you more products, but need your input. If you have a product in mind that you know others currently use, let us know. We can’t make any promises but we will always look into your suggestions.

Also, at the forefront of our work behind the scenes at CrossFit Mission Gorge is the Left Coast Invitational, of course! We are excited to announce that we will host the event for the second year in a row on the turf field at San Diego State University on Saturday and Sunday, August 16th and 17th, 2014.  We have started planning earlier this year, in order to make it the best possible experience for all our athletes and sponsors.  This year, we are expanding the competition to two days; Saturday, August 16th will be for Individual (Advanced and Intermediate) Categories, and Sunday, August 17th will be for Team (Advanced and Intermediate) categories.  We are in the midst of planning out the WODs and laying out the field, but those details will be kept secret for now.  We do know that we will need plenty of judges and volunteers for the event on both days.  This year, all judges and volunteers will be compensated in some way, and athletes who judge/volunteer on the day they are not competing will receive a discount for their registration.  We are also still accepting companies and individuals who would like to sponsor the LCI.  If you or your workplace would be interested in sponsorship and presence at The Left Coast Invitational, please let us know, so that we can reach out.  We are offering booth space on the field, as well as various promotional opportunities for your company online, on our shirts, and throughout the event.  We will be releasing more details about the Left Coast Invitational in the coming months, and as we reveal our brand new website in Mid-June, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram (@theleftcoastinvitational) pages for the latest news.

At the end of this year, we will be expanding our gym into the suite to our east. This expansion will bring our gym up from 5000 square feet to 6200 square feet. We have reached the point where we need the extra space in order to fit more people into classes comfortably, and also to be able to continue to expand our community. The wall that divides our suites will be completely removed in order to create a larger training area. Our hope is to be able to reposition the pull-up rig on that wall into the new suite. We will be installing another shower room, a break room for our coaching staff, and possibly even an outdoor rig. As was said above, we would like to expand our community too. This expansion will be coming at a perfect time, towards the beginning of a new year. We all know we have friends and family that make those big New Year resolutions to get in shape. This is going to be the perfect time to introduce them to our new and expanded CrossFit Mission Gorge.

We are always working hard and thinking of ways to make our gym better, our trainers more knowledgeable, our community stronger, and continue to make a positive impact on the lives of every person who walks through our door.  Thank you for making our community a strong, unique, and welcoming one.  It is because of your efforts, both inside and outside of the gym that gives us the drive and motivation to continually strive to make CrossFit Mission Gorge the best possible version of itself.  We are looking forward to celebrating all of our positive changes with you at our next big milestone: our five-year anniversary this fall.

In Fitness and Good Health,

Ian and Betsy