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CFMG 101 Program


This FREE program for all CrossFit Mission Gorge members consists of a 2-3 hour long training session on a weekend day once a month that will focus on one particular movement or topic, such as HSPUs, double unders, core-strengthening, snatches, kipping pull-ups, etc. The idea here is to give you an opportunity to directly work with a coach on one of your weakest movements. We want you to walk away from each 101 session feeling more confident about attacking your weakest movements, with tools you can use to help you improve. Class sizes will depend on what movement or topic we are covering, but to give you an idea, we will probably limit classes to 15-25 people. We will announce on our WOD page when each CFMG 101 session is happening, at least two weeks in advance, and sign ups will be on a first-come-first-served basis on MindBody.