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Class Schedule

Please CLICK HERE to view our class schedule and to reserve your spots in classes each week. If you are trying CFMG out for the first time do not worry about reserving a spot in class, just show up ready for a great workout. Sealed

Most of you, unless it's your first time at CFMG, are already in the system. Here is how to log-in:

1) Simply click on the "sign-up" link (upper right-hand side)

2) Type in your name under "New to our site?", your name should pop up

3) select "this is me!" to create your account.

Thank you for using our Mind Body System.

Our CrossFit classes last roughly one hour and will usually consist of a dynamic warm-up, skills practice, the WOD, and a cool-down.

Saturday at 10am is a free beginners class, all are welcome to attend



5841 Mission Gorge RD. Suite H
San Diego, CA 92120
Tel: 619.528.0351

We are located behind the Pool Store and JT's Pub